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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) I continue to be blown away by musicians that take what is deceivingly simple and create truly complex and engaging soundscapes. Ego Depths is no exception. It takes a special mind to master any genre, and yet black, death, and doom are each brought to new heights in one album. Favorite track: Prowling through the corridors of being.
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released April 16, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Worms.of.Obsidian.Ark.Studio during the Summer/Fall 2013 - Winter 2014.



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Fear, Emptiness, Despair

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Track Name: Prowling through the corridors of being
As I walk, my steps are silent.
I leave no trace in underneath.
The sound of my breathing
Breaks into my ears,
It crawls into my miserable mind.
The eclipse of soul, that solidifies fast,
Eyes see in the fourth dimension,
My corpse is dwelling in a viscous swarm of pointless sights,
I prowl among the rotten figures,
I plunge into the swamp of desperate accomplishments…

The long way echo breaks the square through circle,
The pinion turns the way ahead,
And breaks henceforth,
Never seen avarice,
Never felt conspiracy.

I am passing through the walls,
The cries of litany they hold.
Whose laments sound deadly,
Resonating in the chambers,
Urging the lucidity to disavow
From piercing individuality.

Magnet of mordant words
Collides with seamlessness of sore,
They burst into a being point,
That shams the kind,
The hoax is epicentre here…

I break the core of evil,
I thrust the spines of dared to live
And bring their meat into my palace,
Scorched and scattered they lie,
Gnawed and defaced they are,
I drink the blood of them.

Begotten spawn has crumbled me,
The way I used to give,
I am yet not used to swear,
But I link myself to being of humanity.
I would desperately kill everyone,
If I would be aware of all their sins.

Screaming into hollow cell,
Concussion of unwillingness.
There is a future’s past,
Along with recentness of present,
Subdued and abased,
Choked with mendacity,
Shredded by the glass thrown out by the eyes,
I am weak and valorous,
I grip and follow the human skin-weaved rope,
I prowl through the corridors of being.
Track Name: Ergosphere
Five daggers of evil,
Calm the tide of bereavement;
Five dangers of evil,
Attempt to engross the faith.

Flow under the blackness,
Of the still and oily haven,
Felt through the touch,
Of levitation in the void;

Slice the fingers, attempt to struggle out,
Release the guts; splash the floor you step on.
Dust, Dragging, Delusion, Despise.
Drown, Ashes, Circle, Outside.

Momentum, the field, to devour, God!
Sacrament, pain, burn, whip, revival!
Track Name: Endosphere
Inner sphere,
Inner mere,
Inner realm,
Inner war;
Inner spalls,
Inner spell,
Inner void,
Inner abyss;
Inner grimness,
Inner peace,
Inner grin,
Inner bliss;
Track Name: Exosphere

Of a glim surrender,
Chained and destroyed,
Forcing the way through the morass
Of seldom teeth to boggy carnivore;

The paragon of deliverance,
Reconciliation before hatred,
Contemplating the paradox within,
Amongst the pure black pitch;

The severance of sacred stream,
The glints of heaven-longing spirit,
The teeth of carnivorous dogmas,
The end of everlasting gaze;

Here, the redemption’s phantasmagoric sign;
Will lead into the inner world inside;
Comprise the limitless of chain,
Behead the giant and survive.

The realm of goddess canker,
The slime of uterine worm,
The abomination to suffer through,
The bliss is to delight upon..